Mental Health Awareness Campaign

One thing is for sure that mental illnesses are not the result of personal weakness, poor upbringing, punishment by God, black magic or possession. It is the combination of genetic,biological,psychological and environmental factors. People with mental health problems can live meaningful life in their communities with professional support and help.



How to find us

Eden heights, Jail road Lahore

9 Lower ground Eden Heights, 6 Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan-54000…

  • Email:
  • Cell# +92301842425
  • Landline# +924235786876
  • Timings: Summer Timings 4pm to 8pm
  • Winter: 2pm to 6pm





How can we help you?


our programme is based on Combined approach of mental health as well as psycho social problems..
problems will be treated without hospitalization. We make every effort to minimize the disruption of job and home.

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Depression, don’t suffer in silence


Nobody is immune to depression and it can happen at any age to anyone. Do not live with depression alone, timely help and counselling can get your life back on track.



Outreach Program

Name of project:
Jaagrati outreach program
General aims and objectives:

  • • To provide mental health services to the families living in remote areas and villages. Where there is no doctor.
  • • Advocacy and awareness raising activities.
    Taking out psychiatry from shrines, so that traumatic emotional sufferings of families and patients can be reduced
  • • Stigmatized, secluded mental patients can be taken care off and make them able to claim their emotional and physical space back
  • • Special focus is on women and children.
  • • Senior citizen (neglected, considered economic burden)
  • • Srug dependence
  • • Health promotion





Career Guidance & Students Counselling.


The jagrati is pleased to offer you career guidance and confidential Counselling on Behavioral Health issues..


Jaagrati Psychogeriatrics Day


jaagrati has allocated friday…3pm to 6pm to deal with elderly mental health issues.

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Acupuncture therapy

Doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient. acupuncture needles. alternative healthcare
Doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient. acupuncture needles. alternative healthcare

Traditional chinese Acupuncture is available for…chronic pains,,Insomnia and Depression…Anxiety and Migraine headache…